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2002 Western Interscholastic Champs

Note from Sherry Sheldon (2/17/02)

The Poway Polo Team won the 2002 Western Interscholastic Championships on Saturday, Feb 16th. They played a good Tacoma, WA team with the final score of Poway (16) and Tacoma (6).

Shane and Jared made the All Star Team. Danika's horse Lacey, was picked as Best Playing Pony for the tournament.

We appreciate all of the great wishes from our families and friends.

Special thanks to Grandpa Russ for hauling extra horses to Santa Barbara and being a chef for our B-B-Q. Addtional thanks to Nancy Kirchhofer, Meghan Saxer (both long time family friends) and Tim Baker (Danika's boyfriend) for being the best horse saddlers, walkers and stall cleaners.

Connecticut here we come!