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Western Interscholastic Polo Championship

Santa Barbara, February 3-6, 2000

Good Weather Schedule

Thursday, Feb.3rd

Game 1 11:00am Modesto vs. Eldorado (work crew: Poway) Game 2 1:00pm Culver vs. New Mexico (work crew: Maui)

Friday, Feb.4th

Game 3 11:00am Game 1 winner vs. Poway (work crew: Game 1 loser) Game 4 1:00pm Game 2 winner vs. Maui (work crew: Game 2 loser)

Saturday, Feb.5th

Game 5 11:00am Game 1 loser vs. Game 2 loser (work crew: Game 3 loser) Game 6 1:00pm Game 3 winner vs. Game 4 winner (work crew: Game 4 loser)


Poway: Shane Rice, Danika Rice and Jared Sheldon. Coached: Sherry Sheldon.

Maui: Ka'anina DeCoite, Ka'eo DeCoite and Jesse Neuwirth. Coach: Herman DeCoite.

Culver: Blair Walker, Luis Fuentes, Charliey Karamon, Jeff Markle, Andrew Ranke and Cesar Rodriguez. Coach: Ed Little.

Modesto: Keith White, Gwen Cronin-Prather and Ryan Cronin-Prather. Coach: Don Prather.

Eldorado: Dawson Ludwig, Tomas Obregon and Matias Obregon. Coach: Rege Ludwig.

New Mexico: B.J. Mendoza, Robert Bruton and John Nance. Coach: Buzz Easterling.

Teams are required to show up at least two hours before their game starts. They are required to saddle the horses they are playing as well as clean stalls and clean tack for the horse strings they use. Work crews need to be at the arena one hour before the game starts to prepare the field, keep score, time games, flag goals, fetch balls , have extra equipment handy and help in whatever is needed to run the tournament.

Those schools whose horse strings will be used will need to show which equipment goes on which horse for the upcoming game and have a horse manager team there two hours before the game to assist the players playing those horses. This is a cooperative team effort in taking care of all the horses, tack, facilities and functions needed for the games.

The banquet will be held on Friday, February 4th, at 7:00pm at the Santa Barbara Polo Clubhouse. Semi-formal attire will be appropriate. Dinner is $25.00 per person, please see Wilbur O'Ferrall for tickets.

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