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Western Interscholastic Polo Championship

Santa Barbara, February 3-6, 2000

Good Weather Schedule

Photos of the Champs (Poway!!!):

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Teams with known links:

Thursday, Feb.3rd

Game 1 11:00am Modesto vs. Eldorado (work crew: Poway, Culver, Maui) Game 2 1:00pm Culver vs. Maui (work crew: Modesto, El Dorado)

Friday, Feb.4th

Game 3 11:00am Game 1 winner (El Dorado) vs. Poway (work crew: Game 1 & 2 losers) Game 4 1:00pm Game 1 loser (Modesto) vs. Game 2 loser (Culver) (work crew: Game 2 & 3 winners)

Saturday, Feb.5th

Game 5 1:00pm Game 2 winner (Maui) vs. Game 3 (Poway) winner (work crew: all teams not in finals)

Day by Day Updates

Feb. 5th 2000 from Billy Sheldon: Champs again???????

The finals were held today at the Santa Barbara Polo and Racquet Club.
The game was a rematch of last years finals, pitting Poway against Hawaii.
The first chukker was fast paced and ended with Poway ahead 4-3. Poway continued on a hot streak during the second chukker, taking a 9-3 lead into half-time and never looked back. After three periods, Poway was up 13-5. Hawaii tried to mount a comeback, scoring some quick goals, but fell in the end 18-8.
The Champion Team from Poway
Jared Sheldon (scored 3 goals
Shane Rice (scored 15 goals)
Danika Rice

Kaiano Decotte
Kaio Decotte
Jesse Newworth

Western Regional All-star Team
Shane Rice
Kaiano Decotte
Jeff Markle
Matis Obergon

The kids played awesome, we are very proud of them. Don't let the scorefool you, the level of play this year was much higher than last year. They had to work their butts off and scrap for ever goal they scored.

Now on to Virginia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb. 4th 2000 from Billy Sheldon: One down (luckily)

Good news, they pulled it out!
The Poway Team played a very, very, very tough Team from El Dorado. Back and forth game that had too many lead changes to count! El Dorado went up 3-1 at the end of the first chukker, but Poway stormed back to take a 7-6 lead into halftime. The third chukker was the turning point as Poway took a 12-10 lead into the last period. Game was not decided until late in the last chukker and the kids scraped out to a 15-12 final score. It was an exceptional game and all players did extremely well.
Tomorrow is the finals between Poway and Hawaii, a rematch of last years finals. Should be fun! Will let you know who comes out on top.
Here is a fuzzy picture of the kids, see ya soon.

Feb. 3rd 2000 from Billy Sheldon: Who's Next?

El Dorado, that's who. The first day of the Western Regional Interscholastic Polo Championships just concluded. Poway (being the defending champs) had a bye and plays tomorrow.

Today, El Dorado destroyed Modetso 17-6. Modesto didn't put up much of a fight and El Dorado played well. We will see how they can stack up against Jared, Shane and Danika in the first game on Friday, to determine who goes to the finals.

The second game was a great match between Culver Military Academy and Hawaii. Culver played strong and jumped to a big lead, but Hawaii battled back to take the win 13-11. Hawaii has a second round bye and advances to the finals for the second year in a row.

The kids are excited about finally getting to play. Hope they do well, they will have to play like a Team to beat the well balanced attack of El Dorado. Keep your fingers crossed, we'll let you know how it came out.


Poway: Shane Rice, Danika Rice and Jared Sheldon. Coached: Sherry Sheldon.

Maui: Ka'anina DeCoite, Ka'eo DeCoite and Jesse Neuwirth. Coach: Herman DeCoite.

Culver: Blair Walker, Luis Fuentes, Charliey Karamon, Jeff Markle, Andrew Ranke and Cesar Rodriguez. Coach: Ed Little.

Modesto: Keith White, Gwen Cronin-Prather and Ryan Cronin-Prather. Coach: Don Prather.

Eldorado: Dawson Ludwig, Tomas Obregon and Matias Obregon. Coach: Rege Ludwig.

Teams are required to show up at least two hours before their game starts. They are required to saddle the horses they are playing as well as clean stalls and clean tack for the horse strings they use. Work crews need to be at the arena one hour before the game starts to prepare the field, keep score, time games, flag goals, fetch balls , have extra equipment handy and help in whatever is needed to run the tournament. We all need to help keep the facilities neat and clean by picking up any trash and disposing manure properly in the bins.

Those schools whose horse strings will be used will need to show which equipment goes on which horse for the upcoming game and have a horse manager team there two hours before the game to assist the players playing those horses. This is a cooperative team effort in taking care of all the horses, tack, facilities and functions needed for the games.

The banquet will be held on Friday, February 4th, at 7:00pm at the Santa Barbara Polo Clubhouse. Semi-formal attire will be appropriate. Dinner is $25.00 per person, please see Wilbur O'Ferrall for tickets.

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