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(Jan 23, 2000) Steve Coblentz: I've ridden for over 30 years and while I don't claim any skills in regard to horse training I am always trying to get more out of horses. I have also taken lessons from folks like Hap Hansen (~1975), Billy Linfoot (~1979) and countless others with lesser names but greater convictions. I must testify that in the three hours I spent listening and watching Pete Spates I gathered more understanding of how the horse thinks and more about horse kinesiology than any ten of the previous years. I am very anxious to attend another of his clinics and encourage you to also!

Clinic Photos

Ground Work
The Touch
The Spade
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Morning, Tournament San Diego Polo Tournament

Afternoon, Pete Spates Clinic

Information and sign up: Patty 858-481-9217

Clinic: $50.00/rider, $20.00/non-rider

Tournament entry fee: $50.00

Clinic-Saturday, January 22, 2000
1-4 pm (After Morning Polo)

"Only when we see through the mind of the horse can we lead the dance of the mind" - Pete Spates