Polo Calendar

The Polo Calendar site: www.calendars.net/calsbackup/polocalendar was created (4-8-02) to address the need for an alternative to hunting down schedules from the many individual club sites. By no means does this site intend or attempt to replace the posting of individual schedules found on individual sites, instead it provides a cross cut of information to help the traveler or professional with planning and opportunities.

Polo Calendar has been setup to allow for distributed maintenance, this means adding events is welcomed and encouraged by the polo public.

This page should provide individuals with the information necessary to understand how this calendar works. If there is a part you feel needs clarification or more detail please e-mail to sccz@yahoo.com with details of the request.

The standard disclaimers apply: this is an open internet calendar, confirmation and verification of any posted or implied event is a necessity, no host, contributor or service provider shall be held accountable for this content.
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