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1999/2000 Intercollegiate/Interscholastic Tournament Schedule

November 17-21, 1999          

Field Invitational

Oxley Equestrian Center, Cornell University Ithaca, NY February 3-6, 2000

Western Regional Interscholastic Championship

Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club Carpinteria, CA February 17-29, 2000

Women's Interscholastic Championships

Culver Military Academy Culver, IN February 24-27, 2000

Western Regional Intercollegiate Championship

Murietta Equine Complex Carpinteria, CA March 2-5, 2000

Central Regional Intercollegiate Championships 25th Anniversary of Women's Intercollegiate Polo

Brushy Creek Ranch Burleson, TX March 9-12, 2000

Eastern Regional Intercollegiate Championship

Oxley Equestrian Center, Cornell University Ithaca, NY March 27-April 1, 2000

National Intercollegiate Championship

Bushy Creek Ranch Burleson, TX April 13-16, 2000

National Interscholastic Championship

Virginia Polo Center Charlottesville, VA
To confirm actual dates or for more information, please call- Intercollegiate-Interscholastic Field Directors: Wilbur O'Ferrall Chris Blythe 19046 W. First Ave. 147 Long Plain Rd. Stevinson, CA 95374-9627 Leverett, MA 01054 Phone: 209-656-9704 Phone/Fax: 413-548-7070 Fax: 209-667-2771
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