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Lakeside Polo in the 50s & 60s

Legend has it that the polo field was built before the house on the Hering ranch back in the mid 50's. After the M.A.S.H. days of WWII and Korea Dr. E.R. Hering (aka Rear Admiral Hering, Bud, or Doc) set up a doctor's office in Lakeside when house calls were the expected practice. These two photos treasured shots of those days.
Looking North East from the base of the drive way. It appears to be a few days earlier than the second photo since the stack of hay has about 5 more bales of hay. It is also cloudy since no shadows are cast, but no threat of rain since the hay has no tarp.
Comments (2/2/00): That's me [Kip Hering] in the north-east looking photo, standing between the two horses next to the old house trailer. The blaze faced chestunt mare is "Reno Linda", a great polo pony ( the forerunner of Babe ) and the Buckskin gelding is "Buck", also a great playing pony on our size field, especially going towards the barn. That's my brother, Steve, standing in front of Rex, the hired hand with his arms crossed. I can't remember the other guy on the steps of the trailer, I think he might have been another guy that worked on the ranch for a while. I thought that might be Dad, down there in the left center, looking back over his shoulder, but using a magnifying glass,it looks like the pony he is leading is wearing boots and not wraps. Dad never had any strap-on boots, he always wrapped and had a layer of cotton under the bandages. Still, it kinda looks like him.
Looking North West from the house. Appears to be late game on a winter day, judging by the shadows. It must have recently rained since the tarp is readied on the hay bales.
This shot is take looking down toward the south west. This is a picture of a picture, hoping to get a scan of an original print. Birds Eye View in the 50s