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Directions to the Lakeside Polo Club & Game Times

The Lakeside Polo Club is located in the El Monte valley about 2 miles east of the town Lakeside which is about 15 miles east of San Diego, California, USA. It is not visible from any roads hence difficult to find for the first time, even if you live in Lakeside.

Game Times:

Game times are typically Saturday Morning and Sunday Afternoon, the exact time varies with the season and daylight savings time changes. In the very rare case of rain (Lakeside gets less than 10 inches per year) the games are canceled to preserve the grass field. When predictable a weather forcast is provide below for the Lakeside Polo field.
For specific game times or conditions try asking on the bulletin board:
Note that these are the times we would like to throw the ball in, please compensate for your tacking time and field check time.

By Air:

By Road:

The primary North-South freeway (in San Diego) is Highway 5, The primary East-West freeway is Highway 8, they cross close to downtown San Diego, these directions begin from this point.

Notice the street map below is not to scale nor are the streets straight, the map intend to show the relative sequence of land marks and street names.

Satellite Map version by Scott Boggess

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