Lakeside Polo Club's On-line Members Listing
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Lakeside Polo Club's On-line Members Listing

This is a listing of the members of the Lakeside Polo Club and associates who have opted for being included. Currently the listings are simple, you are welcome to cloak your identity with a nick name, and list only part of what others may have listed (e.g. no phone numbers), but an e-mail address only makes sense in this context, in fact, to get added a direct e-mail to is your only option, that way I can determine if a request or change is legitimate, to be removed just contact me anyway possible.
Kip Hering,, Tel: (760) 781-1175
steve coblentz,, Tel: 619-561-0702, Fax: 619-561-4991, Pgr: 619-526-0014 (monitored weekdays, no mobile phone), Office: 858-292-3073,
Russ Sheldon, or, Tel: 858-748-7037, fax # 858 679-9640 pager 619 574-8343